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When it comes to VWs all I know is air cooled. From birth I have been riding in VWs. My father, Michael Clark Sr, is a member of a 50 year old VW race team called the Volks Chancellors. I am so close to VWs I literally have scars from it. When I was about 5 years old my father came home from the store, in his Bug, with groceries. It was a hot summer day and my mom just made grape juice for us. I decided to take mine outside to drink it. I sat down on my dad's Bug bumper and at this time I couldn't touch the ground with my feet, so I rested my legs on what I thought was the car but turned out to be the muffler. So from that, I received my first tattoo!

When I turned 18 it was time to get my license and a car. My dad, being the VW enthusiast that he is, had an orange '68 Bug that had been sitting in our yard for years. He graciously handed-down this Bug to me as my first car. Little did I know, I couldn't just hop in and take off. This was my first learning experience in, cleaning and tuning up an engine and the ultimate patience pusher. After a whole day of tearing it down, cleaning it, and putting it back together we finally got it up and running about a week later. Right away I took it for a test drive and well that didn't go as planned. My wheel almost fell off on the 56 freeway due to some loose lugs. This car was quite a battle for me but I fell in love with the process and ended up driving this for a couple years in my college days.

Fast forward to February of 2017, I woke up one day really missing and wanting a VW. I consulted the "expert", my dad. We reminisced and talked about what I wanted this time. I came to the conclusion I did not want a common VW. So I began my research and saw this odd-looking wagon and just knew that was what I was looking for. So I set off on my journey to find the best Squareback I could find. Searching high and low. Finally I narrowed it down to two cars. One was in Lancaster and one was in Mexico. The one in Lancaster seemed to need more work than I wanted to deal with. The one in Mexico was great but wasn't sure how the paper work process would go since it was out of the Country. So I continued on my journey of searching but just couldn't get the Mexico Squareback out of my head! Well, I followed my heart and contacted the owner and soon obtained the VIN. I sent it over to my friend at the DMV and was happy to find out the car had been registered before in California.

On April Fools day, 2017, my father, a coworker of mine, and myself, set off to Mexico to check it out. When I saw the car in person I was totally blown away. The pictures didn't do it justice. My dad did his inspection and said it was straight and bones were good. He jumped in it and tried to tear up the motor right away and it fought back like a champ. The car received my stamp of approval. So after haggling a little the car was mine. Getting across the border seemed like the only problem but to our surprise they just let us across. After stopping two times to let the car cool, we made it home. As soon as we got home. We immediately cleaned up the car, took it to a shop to get it safe, and to get the electrical working.

I then started researching for a better motor and some extra accessories to satisfy my aesthetic needs. I was blessed to meet a man, through VW meet ups, that builds custom racks. As soon as I got that, it completely set off the look of my car. The VW community is so awesome and friendly. I also referred by the people in the VW community to VW Paradise in San Macos. That's where I ended up getting my new motor and they have been my shop ever since.

My car is running great! Since getting the car I have been to numerous shows, meet ups, and races. Yes I have the VW-virus. There is no cure. Till this day I get on The Samba and look for cars all hours of the day. The first thing all of my friends said to me when I told them I got the car is, "Why you did you get that old slow VW?" My response every time, "If you have never driven one you will never understand". These days I drive my car to work, cruise the coast with my girlfriend, and attend various meet ups. I feel blessed to have my own VW and blessed to be part of a great community and culture. I will always have a VW in my life!

Michael Clark

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