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1969 VW Beetle

The feature for June got its start 22 years ago, and has never looked back. Owner Vincenzo writes, "Hermann was acquired in 2000 from a landlord for $250.00. It was abandoned in a rental property by a former tenant. It left the factory in Germany as a Mango/Seagull Grey Standard. Although not terribly rusty, the roof was caved in and the rear lower corners were crushed as a result of the transmission being removed by dragging the body over the loose transmission." Read - Hermann >>

VW Events Attention: We're looking for some special people. Special people that love VWs, and will be attending a VW Event this season. People that can take a good picture, and put a few paragraphs together. Does this sound like you? If it does, we'd love to have you as an AllAirCooled.com reporter. It's really quite easy... When you're at a VW event, take some greats pics and write up an article about your day.
Send it off to us, and we'll publish it here and at our SuperBeetles.com website, with your byline. Check out the VW Events >>

Volkswagen StoriesNEWS FLASH: VolksWoman is getting older, a lot older. Lois writes, "
For you non-Latin-speaking readers out there, "Tempus Fugit" means "Time Flies". And, sometimes while it's flying about, it reaches out and smacks you in the face, as it did to me this morning. On the way to work, time reached out its long arm and slapped me in the face. I've found this is happening more and more now that I'm - ahem - getting older. Suddenly I feel a LOT older. " Read - Tempus Fugit >>

Our friends over at JBugs have a very important announcement that they'd like to share with you. Sam says, "It's been nearly two long years since our last video release but we're finally moved into a new warehouse and we actually have our own, somewhat isolated, dedicated shop area in it! Stay tuned as we begin to produce more videos again and enjoy a little video of us sprucing up our new space. Thanks for your patience in our long delay, we're glad to be back!" JBugs - YouTube Video Update >>

Steve Miller reports from the Bugs On The Hooch VW show in Columbus Georgia. Steve writes, "The weather was fantastic for over 100 air-cooled Volkswagens to meet up at this FREE show at the Civil War Naval Museum along the beautiful Chattahoochee River! There were plenty of examples of Bugs and Busses and others with a Notchback there being one of my personal favorites! As with most VW shows and snowflakes, there were no two alike!" Read - Bugs On The Hooch VW Show >>

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VW Features

We're looking for a few more air-cooled Volkswagens to be featured in 2023. So take some great pictures and get started writing the story of your VW today!

Contact us with a picture and a few words about your VW and let us know that you'd like to have it featured. All we need is a few great pictures and the story of your VW and we'll share it as our feature VW! This website depends on YOU and other VW enthusiasts to make it work, so why wait? Have your VW featured >>


Latest Addition to the Galleries

We need more VW's like yours for our extensive all air cooled
galleries. We're looking for pictures of Buses, Karmann Ghias, Things, Beetles, Type 3 and Type 4s!

No air-cooled VW will be refused!! Daily driver to weekend project - we want them all! To have your VW added to the
gallery send two pictures and a paragraph about your VW to with the subject line "Add my ride".

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Product Reviews

VW Reviews

We're just getting started with the new Review section, but it's off to a great start with some awesome VW products.

If you're looking for a Vintage Volkswagen Shop Manual, some sway bar hardware for your VDub or a good rust protective covering, it's all there for you to see.

If you have a product that you'd like to see in this section, please reach out to us and we'll do our best to make it happen! To the Reviews >>

VW Cartoons

VW Cartoons

WOW! Talk about a slap in the face. VW Camper fans unite and get yours featured here at AllAirCooled.com. There are over FORTY more of these VW Cartoons in the VW Cartoons section of the site. Images from the mind of Danny Mosher that we can all admire, laugh at and even identify with. Sit back, click and enjoy! VW Cartoons this way >>


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