March 2020

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March brings us Harley and Nathan's Love Bug as our featured VW. "What started your passion for Volkswagens? For Nathan, his father would always reminisce on VW vehicles he used to own. His father had owned a 1960's Bug and loved to talk about it. Hearing his father's passion in his voice about his VW, only ensured Nathan's love for Volkswagen. Nathan's grandfather worked in a chop shop, which only grew his love for vehicles even more. He knew deep down in his heart, that he would own one in his lifetime." Read - Love Bug Q&A with Harley and Nathan >>

VW Beetle Repair Video Our favorite YouTube channel just keeps getting better. Here's what JBugs has in store for us for this year. JBugs explains, "Well, 2020 has arrived! We've spent way to much time in the office and not enough time back in our workshop lately. We plan on changing that and have a few videos planned so keep an eye out for some new releases. Thanks for your patience and Happy New Year!"
JBugs Channel Update for 2020 >>

Classic Volkswagens VolksWoman is okay, don't worry. But that windshield in the picture certainly can't be good news. Lois writes, "As I write this, spring is right around the corner. It's starting to warm up and it's time to get our Volkswagens (young and old) out for some fun. Here in California our season of fun lasts longer, with more sunshine, than most other places. As a result a lot of us enjoy lazy weekends driving our old cars, and on just about any Sunday here you can take in a car show of some kind or meet another vintage auto enthusiast on the road. This tale involves one such meeting, but it definitely is not the kind of meeting any of us want." Read - The Bug Days of Spring >>

Spring is here and so are those air-cooled VW events! So dust off that Volkswagen, get out your lawn chairs and sunglasses and attend at least one of them this season. BTW: If you are having and air-cooled VW event or know of one that we missed please contact us with the information and we'll post it for you. 2020 Air-Cooled VW Events Listings >>

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VW Bus

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If you recognize that Volkswagen as a T3 Squareback, then you love VWs!
There are over FORTY of these VW Cartoons and art the VW Cartoons section of the site. Images by Danny Mosher that we can all admire, laugh at and even identify with. So sit back, click and enjoy! Check them out >>


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