February 2020

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Karmann GhiaFebruary's featured VW belongs to Denise Brown. Denise writes, "My adventures with an old school Volkswagen started nearly 9 years ago. It has not been without bumps in the road. In fact, I've hit many potholes along my journey too but I would not trade the experience. This little VW fits me perfectly because he is quirky, eccentric, unpredictable and well.... he isn't perfect! I always wanted an old car and when I found the opportunity was right I decided I needed to make my dream a reality." Read -My Adventure Buddy >>

VW Beetle Repair Video Have you ever drooled over those amazing pop-out windows that some Vintage Beetles have? JBugs will show you how to get the look. "Since we never like drilling on a painted car, we're going to install some pop out windows on a 1963 Resto Custom Beetle before sending it off to paint and body. Our techs show you how to install the pop out windows on '64 and earlier Beetles!"
1963 VW Beetle Pop-Out Window Installation >>

Classic Volkswagens VolksWoman is back with another story that I'm sure we can all identify with. Grace writes, "If you're going to buy used cars, you have to get used to the idea that you can't always get the ones you want. Sometimes, the one you're after gets sold to someone else before you can get there. While it's certainly disappointing, we've all been through it, and know eventually it'll happen if you look at enough used vehicles. This is toughest to deal with when you've really got your heart set on a particular VW, and you still end up losing it". Read - The Ones That Got Away >>

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Volkswagen cartoons

Do you store your Classic Volkswagen for the winter...trying to keep those pristine pans rust free?
There are over FORTY of these VW Cartoons and art the VW cartoons section of the site. Images by Danny Mosher that we can all admire, laugh at and even identify with. So sit back, click and enjoy! Check them out >>


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