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The August feature Volkswagen another Bus with a great story! Kelly writes, "Nobody thought I would actually do it. I was 15 when I decided that this was my plan. I'd just bought my very first car- a 1969 Volkswagen Bus for $2,800- and was saving up every dollar I earned to fix him up. The interior seats were a mustard yellow vinyl that reminded me of baby puke, but stickier in the summer heat with no A/C. The flooring was tattered and torn from 26 years of good times. The interior cabinetry- an original Westfalia conversion- was in surprisingly good shape, save for a few peeled back corners of the vinyl corner trim that had aged from white to creme-colored." Read - Key To My Escape >>

Front and rear disc brake conversion completed, check. What's next? JBugs says, "Now that we have 4 Wheel Disc Brakes installed on our 1971 Beetle we need to install a master cylinder that can supply the appropriate amount of fluid to the calipers. The installation is quite simple and takes just a few tools. Bleeding the brakes afterwards will take more time but we’ll address that later as we’re going to be pulling the body off soon."
Watch - Dual Circuit Master Cylinder Installation >>

We are lucky to find the love of our life but there are three loves in VolksWomans life. Lois writes, "There are three men in my life: my husband, Rob, my first born, Vernon, and then there is Bogart, the baby of the family. Bogie is my 1969 VW Bug. Rob knows I love him. Bogart knows I depend on him. Vernon just knows that he is about as close to human as one can get and still be a Volkswagen. After beginning his restoration, he is almost completed. I took one of the last big steps left and had him upholstered." Read - A Stitch in Time Saves a '59 >>

The Bug-In shows themselves began in 1968 at Orange County International Raceway California and the events were the chance for custom VW owners to race, show off their cars and for performance manufacturers to advertise themselves. The programme included drag racing, slalom and Show and Shine. These shows ended in 1983 when the OCIR was closed. Slowly in the '70s and '80s the US drag custom scene had come to Europe popularised via magazines such as Hot VWs and VW Trends. Read - European Bug-In >>


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GPS...you can't live with it but you might live without it.
"When possible make a legal U-Turn". There are over FORTY more of these VW Cartoons and art the Dubtoons section of the site. Images by Danny Mosher that we can admire, laugh at and identify with. Sit back, click and enjoy! Check out the VW Cartoons >>


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