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Looking for Volkswagen Features for 2022

If you do, it's simple. All we need is the complete story of your Air-Cooled VW and a few great pictures. Start off with how you got into VW's. Some people remember riding in their parents or grandparents Beetle, and some just fell in love with the shape of the world's most famous car. Talk about what you have done to your VW and what your future plans are. To get an idea of what to do take a look at this months Feature VW.

Once your story is done take a few great pictures of your VW. Before and after pictures are great and you should include just about any other creative picture you can think of! The longer your story is the more of your pictures we really go for it! Whether your Volkswagen is a daily driver or a trailer queen, no Air-cooled VW will be turned down and projects are always welcome! We need the pictures to be at least 500x375px. The better the quality of the pictures the better your VDub will look when the whole world comes to see!

You can write the story in the body of your email or send it as an attached word document, and the pictures can be attached or embedded in the email. Send all of this off to us at the email address below and please don't forget to include your name and the year of your Air-cooled Volkswagen. Thanks for helping to keep the Air-cooled spirit alive! Beep! Beep!

Email us today with pictures and info about your VW!



Feature VW
Check out this months air-cooled VW feature. We're always on the lookout for interesting features at AllAirCooled! So if you think your VW is feature worthy contact us today. There are only twelve features per year so don't delay!
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