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Rusty ol' Bay

My name is Ray and my journey into the VW World started five going on six years ago in the winter of 2015 when my dad sent me a picture of this rusty ol' Bay. My dad bought it, and a high-top, for $500 and saved them both from being towed to the junkyard! I flew to Arkansas to start working on it.

I can proudly say this was the first father/son project where my dad let me do the vast majority of the work, and without his guidance, and assistance at times, instead of 3 months it would have taken three years, if ever! I headed across the country, and ended up in California for over a month and a half, slowly making my way North. In the Spring of 2016, soon after moving to Portland, Oregon, I came up with the idea to put a photo booth in my Bus. That Fall, two weeks before my first paid event, disaster (at least for the bus) struck! A brand new car slammed their brakes on on the highway, and my bus slammed into the back of them.

Always looking how to make the best of situations, I put an ad on Craigslist a couple months later looking for someone to paint my Bus. I was fortunate enough to connect with a professional muralist who was looking for a creative outlet. Thus, my precious Bus was reborn as Blueray. I'm fortunate enough to now do Tours of Portland in Blueray and my Airbnb Experience.

I've since saved two more Buses from ill-fates, and am launching a COVID-Inspired Pivot of a VW Bus Trailer Adventure Rental this summer. Thanks for reading my VW story and check out my Instagram page!


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Feature VW
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