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Hi! My Name is Carsten Gründel. I'm 48 Years old and come from Rösrath, next to Cologne, Germany. This is my 1970 Volkswagen 1302 LS Super Beetle. As extras ordered were the Sunroof, pop-out-Windows in the back and the "Gearshift" - semiautomatic transmission. The original color was L20D Clementine, since the restoration, 20 years ago, it stayed Coral-Red.

This is my second Beetle. The first I got as a graduation-Gift from my parents in 1993, a 1200 Standard, colored Lofoten-green. I loved it very much but had to sell it just two years later. But at that time I promised myself, that I would own a Beetle again. It took 23 years to fulfill that promise.

In 2017 I found my featured Super Beetle in a small village near Cologne, where the former owner restored it in 2002 and after that just drove about 400 miles, then parked the Beetle in his big garage and nearly forgot about it. We love our "Hermann" and care for him as much as we can. We just drive on sunny days and he has not seen any rain or snow since the last 25 years. Since "Hermann" is our Family-Member, we gave him some updates in look, safety and mechanics.

We changed the alloys from Lemmerz Sprintstar to Kronprinz KPZ, lowered the front about 2 inches, added additional instruments for RPM, oil temperature and oil pressure. We restored and added a rare steering wheel from the 70's, a Raid 1. With new leather and stitching in the car color and finished the interior with Porsche 924 seats, restored and coated with new original Porsche leather and velour in black with orange-red stripes.

The door, back side panels and back seat were done in the similar trim. We added rare Italian indicators, a high flow exhaust, and a Blazecut fire extinguisher. The last (and maybe final) update was done this winter. The original AD-Engine and the Auto Stick gearbox got an update. Both were fully restored by specialists here in Germany.

The engine size increased from a 1600ccm / 50hp / 100nm torque to an 1776ccm / 75hp / 160nm torque, for a little bit more fun and speed. The specialist for gearboxes changed to a longer the 2nd gear so the maximum speed could be about 155km/h (96mph). But top speed was not the real aim, we just want to drive at 120km/h (75mph) without going deaf. With a 2+ appraisal we are very lucky and we hope "Hermann" stays with us, as long as possible.

Carsten Gründel

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Feature VW
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