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My love for air cooled Volkswagens came at an early age. I can still remember my first VW experience when I was about 6 years old sitting in the back of my families Bug sliding across the bench seat, trying my best to hold onto the assist straps all while having a great time. From that moment on I knew exactly what vehicle I wanted.

Fast forward 8 years later, it was time for my learners permit. My parents knew I wanted a Beetle, I didn't care what year it was I just needed one. So for my fourteenth birthday my parents went to an auction and brought home my 1974 1600cc standard Volkswagen Beetle. It was orange with white headliner and significant front end damage to the passenger side, but she ran and that's all I cared about.

So I figured I've got 1 more year until I can officially get my license so I better start making the Bug my own before I hit the streets with it. First thing the orange paint had to go and I wouldn't settle for anything else but Red. Once I got the Bug red I knew next up was to replace all the interior in black and get rid of those stock wheels.

Four years later I got my first job at a mechanics shop that specializes in air cooled VW's. Although at the time I just cleaned the shop at every chance I got I was hands on learning all about these VW's and what makes them tick. I started seeing many different styles of the Beetle but when I saw my first Cal Look in person I knew how I wanted my Bug to look. I immediately went home and started changing the look.

Eleven years later I move from Northern California to Las Vegas. All the while the Bug was my only vehicle and daily driver. A couple years later one very hot summer night at about 3am I blew my motor in the airport tunnel. I was heartbroken but I knew this would never be the end. I trailered the Bug back to CA where it could be stored until I get a new motor.

I got a new 1641cc with dual 34mm ict Weber's by JCS engines, got rid of the mondo exhaust and went for the stinger instead. I knew I had made a great combo immediately, Low, Slow, Shiny, and Loud. Fast forward to current day I've changed a few things. Lowered 1 1/4" off the ground in the front, lowered the rear a few inches, full Airkewld suspension with 4" narrowed adjustable beam, powder coated black centerline wheels with some Firestone 135's up front. Next up will be air ride in the near future.

Now she hasn't been my daily for a few years, but I never miss a classic Volkswagen show and often cruise around. I can honestly say the relationship I've had with my Bug for the past 20 years has been incredible. Since starting the Against The Rest Air Cooled Club NV back in February 2017 I get to share my story very often and others get to enjoy my Bug as well.

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Feature VW
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