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My name is Justin Roberts and I'm 47 and I run my own garage in Cardiff. My VW interests go back to my after passing my driving test in 1981. I've had a few camper vans, 1979 Bay Window which used to go to the usual surfing haunts for those weekends away with the lads. I've got fond memories of parking up in the local streets of Newquay and surfing Fistral, Watergate Bay etc.

My first Beetle was restored on my driveway, and was a 1303. This Super Beetle was bought as an unfinished project, it needed a little welding, putting back together and prep and paint. I didn't like the original gold colour so decided on the yellow. It came out quite well for a driveway restoration as it really only needed paint work and necessary repairs. This car was only kept for a few months after trading it in for my 79 Bay.

I can recall several years of Run To The Sun weekends in Newquay. We also attended the VW shows around the countryside. The T2 was the first of two. One was my surf bus to go back and forth Fistral Bay etc. Great times were had in this one but I wanted more space and a little more reliability so sold the T2 on and replaced it with a T25 panel van with all the ideas of converting it to a usable camper. This never happened and I had around 20 years away from the VW scene.

I was rather pleased when I managed to buy the green 66 Beetle for £1000 which rekindled my VW passion. This car was in need of a little welding to keep the rot at bay as it had been restored years before. The restoration was nowhere near as thorough the '66 I have now but never the less my VW interests haven't stopped since. "Ernie" was named after the Gent who gifted the Beetle to us. It had sat in the garage for over 30 years.

Ernest had kept the car on the road for his daughters but sadly the engine was damaged and the car left in this garage in Swansea. I had several conversations regarding the restoration of the Bug with the current owner Chris (Ernest's daughter who is a close family friend of ours) but simply didn't have to time or space to take it on. The tax disc is still on the screen today!

Over the next few years I had several Golf's with family life taking priority until purchasing a T5.1 which I went on to convert to a camper van which we still use for those weekends away today. I just really enjoy the VW scene, the shows and the passion we all have for our vehicles and as you can see, I'm hooked on the VW brand.

Justin Roberts

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