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For the Love of Effie

My name is Brett Vollmer and I own a 1965 VW Variant. This car was originally purchased in Germany by a US Army Airman while on tour. He brought the car home with him to California and sold it to my Great Grandmother Effie Serrano in 1966. She kept immaculate records while she racked up 492,000 miles on it, including the mileage and costs for all five engine rebuilds.

One trip of note was a day in 1985 when she drove my mother to the hospital when she went into labor with me. In 1993, she parked the car on her daughter's property where it sat for 25 years. Effie died when I was in high school, and at that time, I was quite close with her, which was a bit odd because she really didn't have much of an affinity for children.

Cut to 2018, my wife, Anna was pregnant with our third baby. At her 12 week appointment, we named her Effie after my great grandmother when we found out that she was a girl. Sadly, at 20 weeks, Effie was diagnosed with Triploidy, a terminal illness that caused her to be stillborn at 30 weeks. Shortly thereafter, I asked my father, Mike if I could restore Effie's VW in memory of the two of them.

He obliged and helped me dislodge it from the ground where it had spent the last 25 years sinking beneath an oak tree. 18 months later, the car is back on the road, fully restored, and repainted in the color of Triploidy awareness. Within days of finishing, we even won a special appreciation award at the Gary Sinise Foundation car show at the San Diego Balboa Medical Center, which was where we delivered baby Effie.

Brett Vollmer

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Feature VW
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