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I had classics when they weren't cool, they were a necessity because I had no money. I've had too many classic British cars over the years and my favorite is the Jensen Interceptor, I've had a few if those. I got into the VW Bus thing almost thirty years ago. I loved camping but decided a Bus would be better as we just had two little boys. So bought a Bay Camper and had it a couple years. Stuck with the old Veedubs because of the simplicity and availability of affordable decent quality parts. I'm up to six now, plus an old two-stroke Jimny and a 1966 Vespa Scooter. I keep saying 'No More' but got offered a Panel Van cheap the other day so....

This is my 1967 Type 34 Razor Edge Ghia with electric sunroof. I bought it as is from a chap in Denmark and shipped to Dubai. It was originally green and this colour can still be found under the dashboard. She's my daily driver here in Dubai and I've driven her to the three highest peaks in the UAE, 700 KM in 40+ Deg C.

My February of 1961 Doka came from Chile to Dubai several years ago and just sat in the heat and dust here. I bought it as a real basket case. It's around 65% @bbt4vw parts now and what wasn't available we handmade in the shop. Super Cool Bus and I love it lots.

I found this Squareback in a car compound on the outskirts of Dubai. One of those, 'I didn't need it but had to have it things.' New floor pans, full interior, complete new brake system and an engine overhaul. Nice VW but surplus to my needs so I might sell it in the new year.

I went to a farm out in the middle of the desert to look at a Beetle for a chap. There I found this Karmann Ghia in a corner looking quite sad. I asked the owner what's the story and as always, it was "too many cars." He told me I could have it for what it owed him, so I took it as it was a bargain. It was silver at the time, but originally was red so I chose a more modern VW red and here it is. It was a super clean and straight car when I got the paint off and originally from Japan.

I bought my March of '52 Deluxe Crotch Cooler around seven years ago. I paid top dollar because it came with the original registration log book from Finland and the first twelve years service history. I bought it as restored to primer and ready to paint, but sadly that was nothing near true. So it was back to bare metal and start again.

I decided that the 25 HP and crash box transmission wouldn't be safe in the UAE so I upgraded it to a 2332cc with Weber 48s and a Freeway Flyer. Also Willwood brakes have made life a whole lot safer. Last year we drove her to Oman and covered over 3,000 km in five days... lots of hard work. I drive all my Volkswagens even in our brutal summers so they all get to go out at least four days every month. Love this car and she's a lot of fun.

Around 17 years ago I was searching for a Split Bus and it had to be Sea Blue and Cumulus White. Found this one in Livingstone New Jersey and it had been in same family from new. Agreed on a price and sent a friend of mine to pick it up and drive to the port. When I went to Southampton UK to pick it up was so so excited. When they brought her out she was in great condition, well used but still very usable. My two sons grew up with it, camping in the UK and Europe.

I did a full restoration around twelve years ago and she still looks fantastic. Original engine and gearbox still going strong. She was my only car here in Dubai for four years and the summers where tough 45+ Deg C (115F) but she never once let me down, was grumpy occasionally but always made it home. I've had an untold number of offers to buy her here in the UAE but I could never ever sell her because of all the fond memories.

Len Funnell

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