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Classic and Quirky

I hate to start on such a stereotypical opening but ever since I was a little boy I've always loved VW Beetles. The shape, the quirkiness and classic look. I loved the Herbie films growing up and I used to make Airfix models of Beetles. I'm 17 now and about a year and a half ago my Dad and myself decided to invest in a project car. Hours were spent on eBay and trips were made to look at other classic cars (Morris Minor's) but we never felt a spark, a proper connection. I'd seen this advertisement for a 73 Super Beetle on eBay so we got in contact and went to have a look at it.

We met the owner and he took us to his little workshop and showed us around this stunning little beauty. I will never forget listening to it start up for the first time, it gave me chills! There's something about the sound of an engine that always excites me, but this felt.. different. I've seen and listened to many cars throughout my life but there was something special about this.. I knew from the second I sat inside on the springy seats that this is the car.. this is the one.

We bought it and a few weeks later got it back home. The previous owner had done a few bits with it (repainted the bodywork, from purple to blue, and swapped the original 1300 engine with a 1600 and fitted some sporty wheels). When we got it we knew there was a few more bits that needed doing.

The fuel tank had a nice little nail sticking inside of it so that was refurbished, the fuel lines were replaced, points, spark plugs and condenser replaced, the steering system needed replacing along with majority of the electrics as they were in a poor condition so many, many hours were spent looking at various wiring diagrams and images from the internet, but now everything works as it should (apart from the radio, still on the look for a fully functioning vintage one).

A huge patch of rust and rot was found behind the dashboard so new metal plates were bolted and manipulated into shape to support the structure. Majority of this was done in the COVID lock down and I've learnt (and still learning) a great deal from this car along with my Granddad and Dad. I've learnt more about my family because of this car, my Granddad first learned to drive in a VW Beetle and one of his first jobs was repairing and maintaining VW Vans for a local pie factory!

In my opinion this is THE greatest car ever to be produced and my love still grows for these fantastic cars! Its definitely a great talking point and there will always be little odd jobs to do with this car (there always is with a classic!). In the future I'm planning on taking it to a few car shows and I would love to be able to take it on holiday one day! The coast would be lovely, Cornwall at a push! But there are endless possibilities with a car like this and every moment will be cherished.

Joe Hill

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Feature VW
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