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From Grampa With Love

I've always been into Volkswagen new and old, but mostly old. I grew up with them inside and out. Both my parents had owned Beetles and my mom rebuilt a couple when I was young. Ever since then I was hooked! I don't ever remember not wanting a VW. The first car I ever owned was a 1997 Jetta and I promised myself that once I sold my Jetta I would get a Bug! Had a handful picked out, but nothing in my comfortable price range.

But I didn't want to get rid of the Jetta like this but in August of 2014 I was in a severe car accident. I lost the use of my right hand and forearm, had a major brain bleed on my left side, I couldn't speak, had extreme memory loss and I couldn't walk. Doctors had basically gave up on my case due to lack of motivation. 4+ months went by and I was still in a wheel chair frustrated beyond belief, I'd lost all motivation and concern for my well-being. I believed I would be stuck there... I couldn't drive, I couldn't be by myself for any given amount of time.... I was stuck. My grandpa came by the house driving this old run down Beetle in January, right before my birthday. It was rough, rusted down body, wasn't running right and blowing smoke. For years I told him I had wanted a Beetle, so not only did he bring me my dream car, he brought me motivation. He told me that "I had to get out of these wheels to start driving those."

That Beetle needed as much help as I did. But before my one year anniversary from my accident, I was up walking (with some assistance, but I was walking). The day I WALKED on my own two feet to my Grandpa, he handed me those keys. And so the Minion Bug was created! Once my mobility increased, so did Minions. Working on his motor was good therapy for my nerve damaged hand and arm and relearning how to drive a stick helped with my coordination. I needed Minion as much as he needed me. We have both come such a long way from where we started. He's had a bunch of motor work, body work, had 90% of the his seals replaced, replaced glass, interior and wiring done. So much time has been spent to get this Beetle to where it is today and I couldn't be happier. This Bug literally means the world to me.

Minion was made in the 2nd batch of 1965 Type 1 Beetles from Germanwerks in Germany and one of a few to be shipped overseas. He was sold to my grandpa as a '75. The previous owners hadn't researched the VIN and hadn't cleaned off his original metal tag under the hood. They had replaced the old rusted fenders for updated 1975 model ones and updated the interior. The original title was lost and Minion was reregistered as a '75. I'm so proud of how far Minion has come as much as I am myself.

Emma Carniglia

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Feature VW
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