June Feature

1972 VW Bus

The Goat - Owner: Thomas Mahady

Being a child of the 60's and 70's VWs were everywhere. I don't know why but I always loved them, I was the only one amongst my friends that thought they were cool. Everyone else wanted the muscle cars and the fact I was over 6'3" it made it more ridiculous to them that the biggest guy in our group liked the smallest car. I remember riding my bicycle around town and spotted a metallic dark blue Bug for sale, it leopard skin seat covers and steering wheel cover, I fell in love with it instantly. The for sale sign said $1000, I took all my savings and my dad lent me the rest and I bought it.

1972 Volkswagen Van

My friends had Camaros and Mustangs and Mopars, but I didn't care, I had my sweet little 1971 Super Beetle. I put a 200 watt stereo system in, I added air shocks so I could slap on giant Mickey Thompson size 50's tires on the back with wheel adapters and slotted rims, added a Monza exhaust and I thought I was the coolest kid in high school. The VW fever never left me, I always had to have one, through the years I've owned '58 Rag Top, '66 Bus, '74 Bus, '79 Bus, '74 Bug, '70 Karmann Ghia convertible, '62 Karmann Ghia convertible etc, etc, etc, which brings me to my present baby, my '71 Volkswagen Bus.

Bay Window Bus

I bought this 1971 Standard Bus over eight years ago and has been a labor of love. The first week I bought it I took the rear seats out, put in a blow up mattress and I drove it from New Jersey to Vermont to go camping. The engine leaked oil bad, the brakes were barely working and the rear shock tower was stripped. She got me back home and I named her "The Goat" and my restoration journey to make her into the camper began.

VW Bus

I did everything myself except for the new motor and trans rebuild. I rebuilt the suspension, new brake system, including master cylinder, rotors and calipers. I did all the body work and painted her Royal Blue and white with a thin red pinstripe. I cut the original roof off and welded on a 1979 pop top that I refurbished so that now I can sleep up top as well.

Poptop Bus

I Installed an entire camping interior I found here in Jersey, added a diesel heater inside my jump seat for winter camping to stay warm and welded in 1984 front swivel Vanagon seats. I had a new 2180cc full flow long block built and added dual Weber 40's, external oil filter and oil cooler, rebuilt 002 Freeway Flyer transmission.

VW Camping

I put on big General Grabbers, Koni shocks and raised the rear end up so when we camp I don't have clearance issues. I've put almost 25,000 miles on over 8 years traveling all over the east coast and looking forward to many more camp trips out west. You can see the entire journey on my @vw71westybus Instagram.

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