VW Factory Pictures

VW Factory Pictures

Images courtesy of Volkswagen Factory Pictures

Type 34 Karamnn GhiaVolkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia body assembly line at Wilhelm Karmann in Osnabrück in the 1960s

Football legend Pele in a BeetleFor Volkswagen and many Wolfsburgers, the date of June 3, 1961, is one that has gone down in history: The late, great, football legend Pelé was a guest in the city and Wolfsburg plant and a major sporting event was about to take place on the Mittelland Canal, made possible by the former Volkswagenwerk GmbH

VW do Brasil productionFusca assembly line at the Anchieta factory of Volkswagen do Brasil, around 1975. The car in the photo is a 1300 version painted in Amarelo Safari (Safari Yellow)

VW flat four engineEngine assembly line in Hall 4 of Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg on 26 May 1959

the 100,000th BeetleVolkswagen number 100,000 for the USA leaves final assembly Hall 12 on the automated conveyor ramp at the rear (north side) of the Wolfsburg plant in June 1957

Type 3 FastbackVolkswagen Inspectors examine a Type 3 VW 1600 Fastback bodyshell fresh from the paint line at the Wolfsburg plant

Oval Window BeetleHere we see the most critical process of the build, the joining of the completed oval-window body to the completed chassis and drivetrain, known as the Hochzeit (wedding, or marriage)

VW Fire Department AmbulanceAn early ambulance of the fire department at the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg around 1946 or 1947

Razor Edge Ghia productionKarmann plant final painting area

VW Plant Worker 1953Pumping a few litres of fuel into the tank on a newly completed Volkswagen at the end of the line in the final assembly hall at Wolfsburg in the summer of 1953. The car can now be driven for the first time to the test stand for final checks

Volkswagenwerk WolfsburgBodies-in-white move through a hall at Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg sometime between April 1954 and 1 August 1955

Karmann Ghia ConvertibleVolkswagen Karmann Ghia bodies at the Wilhelm Karmann factory in Osnabrück in the late 1950s

Volkswagen ShipNew Volkswagens from Puebla embark a roll-on roll-off ship at Veracruz, Mexico, bound for Emden, Germany, around 1979/80. The huge banner reads, "Volkswagen de Mexico continues with its vehicle export programme to Europe"

VW VariantLine workers deburring and grinding the bare metal bodyshell of a VW Type 3 Variant at the Wolfsburg plant prior to dipping and painting

VW Wolfsburg PlantBody fitting out and trim lines at the Wolfsburg plant in 1964. What we see here are two lines dedicated to models destined for the US market. Note that the car in the foreground on the belt has a UN export code in the windshield, meaning United States, New York. All the cars have 'towel rail' bumper overriders and headlamps ready to receive sealed beam units at the selling dealer

Vintage VW PostcardA period postcard from the late 1950s showing scenes of the 'Volkswagen city'. At the top left is a photo of the VW factory on the Mittelland Canal and centre-right is the VW-Bad (swimming pool) which was gifted to the city by Volkswagen in 1951

VW VarientLines of new split-window Volkswagens sparkle in the sunshine as they await onward shipment in the new vehicle holding yard at the western end of Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg in 1951

1972 VW BeetleNorth-American specification 1972 model year Beetles at an unknown holding yard awaiting onward transit and delivery to lucky customers

Volkswagen do Brasil Fusca assembly lines at the Anchieta plant of Volkswagen do Brasil in the city of São Bernardo do campo, SP, sometime between 1965 and 1967

1962 VW Plant WorkersQuinto Provenziani (on the right in the first photo) wet sanding the primer coat on a Beetle bodyshell with two of his colleagues at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. He was one of the first batch of 'guest worker' employees from Italy arriving in early 1962 at the invitation of VW for a new life in Germany. 62 years on, and at the age of 82, Quinto is long retired, but still lives in Wolfsburg with his German wife Monica and has children and grandchildren

VW TorontoThe first batch of Volkswagens to be imported into Canada are pictured at the port of Toronto in Ontario on 2 December 1952

VW Bus BugAn interesting 'hybrid' parked just off Südstrasse at the front of VW-Werk Wolfsburg in 1971

VW Type 3A large consignment of VW Type 1, 2 and 3 models arrived by train are lifted onto waiting ships for export in the early 1960s

VW Type1Beetles move slowly along the final assembly line in Hall 12 at Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg

Type 2 CombiBarndoor buses: Type 2 Combi and pickup trucks in the final assembly hall at Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg sometime between 1953 and 1955

Oval WIndow Beetle70 years ago - Oval-window Type 1 bodyshells at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg in 1954. Note the chassis platforms being transported on the chain conveyor in the background for transfer onto the assembly belts in the foreground

VW VarientType 3 assembly at the VW plant in Palma Sola Venezuela

Mexican VW Beetle21st century Vocho production at the Puebla plant of Volkswagen de Mexico on June 13. 2001

VW TrunkA Volkswagen Inspector checking front lids at Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg. The large team of Inspectors at the factory were independent of all other departments in the plant

VW Wolfsburg factoryRows of new split-window Beetles in the new vehicle holding yard on the west side of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, about 1951

Beetle factory picturesCompleted bodies are lowered onto their chassis platforms for the Hochzeit where all the pieces of the jigsaw come together to form a complete car for the first time.

VW factory workerA worker in the final assembly hall at Volkswagenwerk Wolfsburg, guiding the body shell down onto the chassis for the critical joining operation, the Hochzeit or Wedding, very late 1950s

Barndoor BusA barndoor bus is lifted on board. Hamburg, October 1951

Karmann GhiasKarmann Ghia production at Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, Osnabruck: Type 14 and Type 34

VW SquarebackType 3 Variant assembly line at Wolfsburg

VW of Mexico1974 model year Beetle and Type 181 VW Safari/Thing assembly at Volkswagen de Mexico's plant in Puebla

VW FridolinNew VW Type 147 'Fridolin' delivery vans near the high-rise administration building at VW-Werk Wolfsburg

Volkswagen Super Beetle  productionRed, white and blue 1971 model year 1302 Super Beetle bodies fresh from the paint line are transported by overhead chain conveyors to the body fitting out hall at Volkswagenwerk Emden

VW shipThe Netherlands first Volkswagen importer Ben Pon loaded a Beetle aboard the Holland America ship Westerdam at the port of Rotterdam on January 8, 1949 for export to the United States

Auto Union factoryVolkswagen assembly lines at the Auto Union factory in Ingolstadt. The Beetle was assembled here from 1965 to 1969