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Ron's 1962 Beetle

You would think that anyone who lives in a colder climate part of the world where winter sets in for at least 5 months each year would drive something other than a 43 year old VW Beetle. Well the truth is that my pride and joy has been in my garage under its car cover since the first hint of snow. My name is Ron and I live in Saskatchewan, Canada - a great part of a great country. We are celebrated our 100th anniversary year in 2005.

I have always had a soft spot for the VW Beetle and when the chance to buy one came along 4 years ago and the car was generally really solid I couldn't resist the temptation. The first year I had the car I put some new wheels and tires on it and had the front end lowered so that it was at least back to level again - no more sagging in the back end. The rest of that first year was just enjoying driving it around.The car always ran well and I was lucky with the last owner to have a complete history of what they had done to the car while they owned it - rebuilt motor and transmission - a couple of major pieces I didn't have to worry about.

Year two was another year of driving enjoyment without much being done besides proper maintenance. I did start planning what I wanted to do with the car in terms of restoration - I wasn't looking to develop a show car but a really nice driver I could be proud of.Over the winter of 2003-2004 I had the car completely restored, except for the pans which were largely rust free. We took the car apart, took it back to the bare metal, fixed whatever rust issues that were found, and painted it a cool two tone base/clear coat.

The windshield was replaced, all of the rubber seals throughout the entire car were replaced and the rear windows were tinted. Throughout the winter I searched the internet, became an eBay convert and visited almost everyday looking for NOS or good used parts and accessories. It was a fun experience as I found NOS drivers and passengers mirrors as well as door handle guards from a fellow in Lichtenstien, NOS front blinkers from Germany, NOS front bonnet handle from the US, a refurbished vintage roof rack from the west coast of Canada and a front bumper that was in mint shape right here in Saskatchewan.

This past spring I replaced the stock carb with a Webber that was on a wrecked 62 Beetle - runs great and gives me that sweet Webber sound.The interior of the car is in OK shape - but not good enough for me - I will be completing that work this coming spring with new carpet, headliner and seat covers.

This past summer I was fortunate enough to win the People's Choice Award at our local show and shine with this great little car. It's fun to drive and gets looks wherever I go. If it wasn't for our Canadian winters I wouldn't drive anything else.

-Ron W.
Saskatchewan, Canada

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