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Love Bug Q&A with Harley and Nathan

This 1974 Special Edition Love Bug in Luscious Lime Green is owned by fiancés, Nathan Huff and Harley Motsinger located in Whittier, California USA.

What started your passion for Volkswagens? "For Nathan, his father would always reminisce on VW vehicles he used to own. His father had owned a 1960's Bug and loved to talk about it. Hearing his father's passion in his voice about his VW, only ensured Nathan's love for Volkswagen. Nathan's grandfather worked in a chop shop, which only grew his love for vehicles even more. He knew deep down in his heart, that he would own one in his lifetime. Harley would always dream about owning a VW Bus when she was younger. She loved the hippie feel of the vehicle and loved the feeling of almost being in a time capsule when driving in a VW. There has always just been something so magical about owning a Volkswagen to both of us, and we both dreamed about being a part of the VW lifestyle one day."

What are some or your fondest VW memories? " Nathan's first car was 1966 VW Bug. It wasn't much to look at, but when he drove it he felt like he was driving a Porsche. The confidence it inspired in his was second to none. Nathan has always been a huge history buff and loves to associate the history of VW with his love for driving. What Volkswagen means to him is Freedom. The freedom of being able to have a vehicle that could go long distances and the freedom that the open road gives you. For Harley, she would always remember cruising around with her friends in high school in a beat up Bug. It was similar to Nathan's memory, not much to look at, but there was something magical about driving in a Volkswagen. Harley had always associated Volkswagen with the music and free love moments associated with Hippie Revolution. Volkswagen meant to her to be alternative and different. Volkswagen is the people's car, so no matter what you are doing or where you're going, Volkswagen can get you there."

How did you find your VW? "Nathan was having a itch for another VW, since he no longer had his first car. We had searched OfferUp and other online sites, and even checked out a few details. We asked our go to mechanic to look over some potential buys. He was the same mechanic who took care of Nathan's dads vehicles. He's the premiere Air Cooled mechanic in Whittier area. He told us we didn't want any of those VWs we found online because of all the time, money, and resources we would have to put back into the car. He told us, "I know the one for you." He told us of another client who's vehicle he worked on for the last 30 years who was looking to potentially get rid of their Bug, to the right person. The "matchmaker" mechanic, got his customer and us in contact. The customer was located in the city next to us located in Pico Rivera, California. We went down and checked it out. The customer had a feel for us. We went home but quickly after the meet, we got in contact quickly to purchase. The deal was done and paid 5K for the vehicle. We found the original owner (VW originally purchased in Downey at a dealership) in Pico Rivera, California USA in 2019."

What have you done to your VW? "To be honest, there want really much that needed to be done. The original owner kept the Bug in wonderful condition, so there was only a few things we had left to do. We sourced the original Lemmerz GT Wheels. We found these from a contact from our mechanic located in Whittier. We purchased, them went to another mechanic's contact to get the Lemmerz GT Wheels powder coated. We went with VW silver metallic. On the Samba, we scored some original NOS center caps. Over time, the moldings had faded due to sun damage. After purchasing back up clips, we took off the moldings and repainted black. Lastly, we discovered a Holographic Walnut Shift Knob on the Samba that matched our wood inserts perfectly. We purchased and overall was the final touch that completed this vehicle. The biggest secret is sweat and love. We detail and upkeep our ride weekly to keep our car looking its best, starting and cruising around in often, and just enjoying our best life with our 1974 Limited Edition Love Bug."

Any future plans for your Bug? "We plan on taking it to lots of car shows and sharing with the world our Limited Edition treasure and its history. We plan on taking it out for lots of cruises and drive time. We plan on loving it and up keeping it to look it's best. We own a small clothing business, so photo shoot with our Love Bug every opportunity we can get! No one really knows what the future holds, so we are holding on to it for the time being and enjoy the most this Bug has to offer."

Have you owned any other Volkswagens? "Besides Nates first car that was a 1966 VW Bug, this is our first VW vehicle together. We are hoping to purchase an early 60's Westfalia Bus one day."

Harley Motsinger

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