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Story by Lois Grace

With the holidays upon us, I notice there is one toy conspicuously absent in the glut of so-called hard-to-get toys. Barbie, in all her incarnations, gave me the inspiration for The Toy I'd Most Like To See. If I'd thought of this sooner (say, about 30 years ago) it might have been my path to fame and fortune, but unlike Barbie, I am never prepared for anything and nearly always late. But, it is certainly not too late to begin dreaming about this new gift and I know you'll want to get a jump on your holiday shopping! So, with Christmas around the corner, ladies and Gentlemen, I offer you: VOLKSWOMAN BARBIE!

VolksWoman Barbie can only be ordered through this special, one-time offer and at this low introductory price! LOOK NO FURTHER, SHE'S HERE! Yes, VolksWoman Barbie has arrived. Tall and statuesque, with long blonde hair (since she is VolksWoman, no other hair color will be offered - hey, forgive me, this is my own self-indulgent dream here) and more than a healthy interest in Volkswagens, she's truly a Woman who's time has come.

VolksWoman Barbie comes complete with her entire wardrobe - little black dress, jeans, VW sweatshirt, 5 Volkswagen tee shirts (from various shows across the country), and her very own VW-blue coveralls. Also included are flannel jammies with tiny Beetles on them, along with Bug slippers. Completing the wardrobe are Barbie's shoes: a set of steel-toed work boots (complete with tiny oil stains on top), a pair of black heels (to go with the black dress she will never wear), and a pair of white leather Reeboks. Best of all, unlike the 'specialty Barbies' that came before her, THIS Barbie has a unique physical feature, sure to delight the little mechanic in all small girls: an interchangeable set of hands that remove and replace in a moment! Barbie's Everyday Social Set of hands is pink with long, lovely manicured nails, and bears a slight hand lotion scent. Barbie's Workday Set of hands features blackened grease-stained hands, with short, broken nails and amazingly lifelike skin which reeks of gear lube, bearing grease and parts cleaner. Your little girl can decide which hands are most suitable for what busy job Barbie has on her agenda that day! See?? Like the true liberated woman she is, Barbie is ready for anything!

If your little VolksWoman isn't content with Barbie alone, The Deluxe VolksWoman Barbie set is for you! VolksWoman Barbie is SO BEYOND her 1960's Dream House desires and we have provided her with something new: Barbie's Dream Garage! Not some mere two-car suburban enclosure, but a 20-car designer garage, to hold all Barbie's Dream Vehicles! (rumor has it that Jay Leno rents space from her for some of his cars) Barbie's Single Cab (molded in Dove Blue plastic so it will never rust, dent or need paint) shares this coveted space with her early Beetle convertible! (included with the convertible are two tops, one up, one folded down) Barbie's daily driver, a white Beetle sedan, sits next to her bright shiny red GTi (sit Barbie easily into the driver?s seat of the tiny GTi by poking her through the sunroof)! Barbie's Dream Garage comes complete with spare parts for all her various vehicles: no worries about the dealer being ' out of stock' on anything your little darling might require. Fill up the empty parking inside with your own choices from the upcoming 'Dream Garage' series: an early 40's Studebaker Truck, a Nash Metropolitan, a two-stroke Saab and more!

Since VolksWoman Barbie is adept at changing tires and oil, little girls will want to dress her in her coveralls and make her rotate tires on all four of her vehicles. Oil changes are easy with the pre-filled drain pan (no need to drain the 'oil' from the toy cars!) and mess is kept to a minimum, unlike the real thing. The tires will never wear out, but kids will have a ball putting the Pirellis on the truck and the Michelins on the Bugs. Complicated or mysterious repairs are never needed with VolksWoman Barbie's vehicles - all four are made in Germany and will last forever with no upkeep! For the really adventurous little ladies, the 'Accessory Engine Component' package can be had for a small additional fee - it includes shiny silver plastic dual carbs, gray plastic generator, a perfectly-to-scale crank- and camshaft, and even a tiny set of pistons and cylinders, so your kid can rebuild the eensy engines in her air-cooled VW's! Even though the Dream Garage comes with everything a girl could need for hours of automotive playtime fun, you can further outfit your setup with the 'Accessory Machine Shop' package which consists of a mill, lathe, engine stand, and hydraulic lift.? Nothing is too good for VolksWoman Barbie!

Little girls who aspire to great automotive exploits will enjoy setting Barbie in various scenarios - as drag racer, home mechanic, or gorgeous fashion plate, Barbie excels at everything and is always perfectly coiffed and dressed for whatever she might feel like tackling that day. But act fast: we predict VolksWoman Barbie will be a huge hit so get yours today and avoid the stampede when she is released this holiday season! Forget your Shopkins! VolksWoman Barbie is here!


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