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Chory's 1971 Type 3 Variant (Squareback)

This is Audrey; a 1971 T3 Variant (Squareback) She's entirely stock and all original. Maybe not in the greatest condition but far better than some of those few that are still on the road. Contrary to VW tradition these T3s heat really well, they'll melt CDs; be warned. I like the car because it's got those awesome German lines and engineering, moreover the mechanics are within the grasp of my IQ, its great to be able to install a generator with two tools and no idea what you're doing. Audrey is fuel injected, which can be a bit of a bear, but I appreciate the fuel economy of that feature. I am lucky to have good glass and seals, but lack chrome trim around windows as can be seen. Also need to replace to cargo area metal; why the they used absorbent, spongy material to dampen sound in that spot I will never know... thus I need rust repair, a new motor lid, new sound dampener, and a new rubber mat. It was a piece of busted-up sheet metal which fell into my generator commutator and necessitated that repair; I've taken to running a shop-vac around the motor lid now and again as a preventative. Overall she's a magnificent eBay
find, and I am glad to have this lady in my life.

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