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After some time at a World Cup Chopper to have driven around I wanted something different. I saw on an open day of World Cup earlier this year Aubstadt Rebell a model that appealed to me. Now you can easily convert a chopper to a Rebell they are exactly the same from frame. What is content with a lot of parts that I remain seated.Such as motor mount, koffer.kentekenplaat holder, etc. but also wanted the new frame and swing axles with no cutouts for the oil coolers. And of course the stainless steel tank. As always with new ideas coming World Cup in front of the trike as ABS, electric throttle, click and roll, power brakes, separate oil coolers, etc. Am I going to love this brand.

So I went to the dealer in the Netherlands World Cup started. Victor the owner of this VTI Trikes saw itself as a challenge. Have discussed my wishes with him and found no problem. By a show on the second day of Pentecost, my wife and a friend have a trike for sale sign hung. I found all that much Triker walked to my trike.Then came the admission that there was a for sale sign on. And buyers (strongest man of Friesland) came soon. The purchase was quickly done deal and the third day of Pentecost, so I had no more trike. Do you imagine the hottest summer and the trike. That was a very long summer. So if there was driven trike I sat with my nose in books and catalogs to view.

But as any triker I want the model to better and more beautiful decorating. I have chosen for World Cup as a reliable trike trike and one of the oldest manufacturers.So the teething problems out there. Just about the only trike is still a real fuel tank between the legs (no dummy), it has no function of mine you can omit the tank. The things that are not standard on my WK. I chose a Harley Davidson tank top with a KM counter on the tank. (Tank must remain intact).The fork is from a CCS V8 trike is a jumper is a massive stainless steel fork weighs over 100 kg. Tree lights support. Wheels are from England who can front and rear wheels of the same looking rims. Is a 2000 cc VW engine block with a Porsche cooling. 38 mm thick ape-hanger handlebars. Wiring runs through the wheel around.

There is also a brake on bekrachter dosed for better braking. Furthermore, I get different models and trike as strengths from. So start there and find some pictures during the construction of my new trike.

Bill Mollema

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