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The Other Woman

I live in NW Montana and saw this ride on eBay. Thought it was a unique
creation and bid on it, won it, and then drove 2,900 miles round trip to pick
it up. Turns out the builder worked for a bus company and also had at his
disposal many other vehicles to put the Trike together. Been riding for 30+
years, but this is my first Trike. Have not messed with VW's since High

She currently is called: "The Other Woman"

Parts are from:
Unknown year early VW Karmann Ghia (aluminum rims)
1972 VW Super Beetle (motor and drive-line, misc. lighting)
Unknown VW Bus/Transporter (euro-taillights)
MCI Model-8 School bus (stainless trim and side hatches)
1947 Plymouth (trunk lid light)
1958 Volvo (round tail lights)
1979 Yamaha XS650 Special (front end, fuel tank, speedo, headlight)
Unknown year Minneapolis Moline (tractor seat for diver)
3-across rear seating for passengers - with seat belts
Unknown year Harley Davidson Sportster (dual mufflers on exhaust pipes)
US Military .30 Cal ammo cans as storage
All METAL body and frame, he could weld... but not straight
Other misc. auto store and truck stop parts, gauges, lights and stuff,
skulls, naked women, you know the usual....

After getting it back home, I have discovered that it has MUCH in the way of
deferred maintenance and wish to get it running as well as possible without
spending too much cash.

197? Type-1 1600cc Dual Port
Solex 34-PICT Carb.
Custom Exhaust & Mufflers

Tore out the rear 3-across seating
New rear brake drums
New rear brake shoes
New brake line to replace rusted one.
New rear master cylinder (but she still won't stop right!!)
Beginnings of a paint scheme (Royal Blue & Purple Passion)
Remote Oil Filter and Oil Cooler (EMPI)
Oil Sump plate with drain plug
10 gallon poly fuel tank - using 1/4" fuel line to motor, gravity feed.
Removed most of the excess lights, racks, naked women, skulls.
Purchased a Yamaha rear trunk and removable luggage to install later.

Will not idle right.
Still will not stop right without using front dual-discs.
Loss of power after adjusting valves to .006 and static timing to "0"
Apparent LH intake manifold leak.
Bike "hops or jumps" when letting out clutch.
Was getting about 20+ MPG and now lucky to get 17...
Everyone tells me she should run like a scalded dog......

Looking for "Mentor" to help in getting motor and drive-line in good shape
prior to restoration and major changes to frame/body, painting, and
customization. I install V8's in S-10 vehicles in my spare time and work as
a Computer Nerd in the Winter with Summer's off. Mechanical ability rated
as "8-9".

FOR SALE/TRADE - Older VW motor and transaxle, unsure of year(s). Can
provide numbers from both items. I have no need for them at this time. GJW

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