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David's Spyder Special

This Spyder Special has impeccable pedigree; bearing an uncanny resemblance to the elite Porsche 550A racing spyders which first saw combat in 1956. Though lacking an original and often temperamental four-cam engine, the substitute is a Raby Aircooled Technology two-litre 914 Type IV engine, rebuilt in 2006 to somewhat unconventional standards, with 257 electronically fuel-injected horses propelling just 1250 pounds of car. The engine in turn is mated to a Type 901 five-speed gearbox (ex 914), with Quaife torque-biasing differential. The flywheel weighs just seven pounds, with a copper-faced 911S aluminium clutch pressure plate.

The chassis is a custom-built space frame utilising a mix of chassis components, some from a Porsche 356, others from 914 and 911S. All of the ancillaries (lights, switches, grills, instruments, etc.) are ex-Porsche 356 or 550. The hand-fabricated aluminium body is by Kent-based racing car specialist, Lewis Barrow. Several safety extras have been incorporated to bring the car into the 21st century, with a four-link de Dion set-up and Panhard rod replacing the rear swing axle arrangement. Four-wheel disc brakes and rack and pinion steering also are non-proprietary.

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