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The Feature for December comes to us from the UK and is an awesome Karmann Ghia. Owner Andrew Morris writes, "After restoring my Mk2 Jaguar, I was at a bit of a loss for something to do! I wanted to find a classic to restore that would be economical to run, and fun to be out and about in. Time went by, but I could not find anything that fitted the bill. Then, one day, I was talking to a friend who had known me for years, and he said "Why not get another Karmann Ghia?" It had been 11 years since I had my other ones. It was like a light bulb going on in my head, and the search began. I quickly realized that they were quickly going up in price and I would be very lucky to find a good one that was within my price range." Read - The Search >>

Part four of JBugs engine build series on YouTube it's time to put that short block together. JBugs says, "In our last video our 1971 Super Beetle’s engine was partially disassembled where we uncovered some issues that meant we had to rebuild it. In this video our tech will complete the tear down as far as we can. The engine case will be split, the crankshaft and all the internal parts will be pulled out and the connecting rods will be removed from the crank before sending the parts out to a machine shop."
Watch - 1600 Short Block Disassembly >>

Are you ready for the VolksWoman IQ test? Grace writes,OK, folks, let's see how much you've learned reading this column.  I know that all of you, as loyal and faithful students (not to mention Volkswagen drivers) are going to score much higher on this quiz than the average driver.  So, go get pencil and paper and let's get going! 1) When you turned 16 and got your driver's license, did you pass on: A) The first try B) The third try C) Never, I'm still trying!" Read - VOLKSWOMAN IQ TEST >>


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