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Dust off that Volkswagen and polish up that chrome because the 2019 air cooled VW event season is officially here! We've got the dates and information for Volkswagen shows from around the world. Contact us if there's a show that's not listed and we'll get it posted for you ASAP!! Check it out here >>

March brings us Dakota Sample's very cool Beetle as this months Feature Volkswagen! Dakota says, "Here's my 1966 VW Bug complete with a 1776cc motor, disc brake conversion up front, 6" narrowed beam and 2.5 inch drop spindles. She's my daily driver and I take her everywhere I can...she fuels my addiction to these awesome little cars! Not long after buying and modifying it I had to have another. For me the VW addiction started when I was just a little kid." Read - VW Addiction >>

Now that JBugs has their project Super Beetle up and running it's time to set up the carb. JBugs says, "With the engine for our 1971 Super Beetle project started and through its initial break in run, we can take a quick look inside the valve covers, fix some minor issues and then continue breaking in the engine. While the engine is running we’ll tune the 38EGAS carburetor for the larger 1800cc displacement and after we’ve run the engine for another 15 minutes, we’ll drain the oil, check the valve adjustment and call it a day!"
Watch - 1971 Super Beetle - 1800cc Engine Break In - Carb Tuning >>

This month Lois Grace AKA "VolksWoman" talks about women, trucks and VW shows...but not necessarily in that order. Grace writes, "As Bob Dylan said, "The times, they are a'changing".  That's still true after all these years, even in the VW hobby.  While it used to be fairly rare to see a girl showing a car, it's getting so that there are more and more of us out there.  It's not equally split yet, but give us time.  Guys show cars, girls show cars, and everybody has fun.  Usually.  Unless you're trying to convince people that the car you're showing is really YOURS.  Ever had this problem?  Probably not, unless you happen to be female and your car is a 1959 Single Cab pickup.  I can relate to that one too." Read - TRUCKS AND WOMEN >>


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VW Inspired Cartoons & Art

Following along with VolksWoman's article we have a cartoon dedicated to all of the female VW enthusiasts! There are over FORTY more of these VW Inspired Cartoons and art the Dubtoons section of the site. Images by Danny Mosher that we can admire, laugh at and in some cases identify with. Sit back, click and enjoy! Check out the VW Cartoons & Art >>


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