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Follow along as California Pacific JBugs walks you through how to install front Disc Brakes and a set of Drop Spindles on your classic Volkswagen Beetle. DIY has been made easy with California Pacific JBugs! Check out California Pacific JBugs - Front Disc Brake and Drop Spindle installation >>

VolksWoman loves Herbie and Herbie loves her back! "As any kid (of any age) can tell you, Herbie is pretty big right now. Due to the release last year of Disney's newest Love Bug movie, "Herbie Fully Loaded", one of the hobby's favorite Bugs is enjoying a new wave of popularity.A lot of the kids seeing this new movie haven't even heard of or seen the original Herbie movies! In fact, Lindsay Lohan (who stars in the new saga) said in one interview that before she was chosen for this part, she herself had never seen a Herbie movie! " Click here to read - Herbiemania Grips the U.S.!!!>>

Summer 2017

We are looking for a VW to be featured in the Spring of 2017. Summer is on the way and it's time to get back on the road! So take some great pictures and send them along with the story to us today!

Contact us with a picture and a few words about your ride and let us know that you'd like to have your VW featured. All we need is a few great pictures and the story of your VW and we'll post it in our world famous Feature VW section. Only four features per year are accepted, so hurry!

Your VDub doesn't have to be a show car or in mint condition to get in. We love all VW's, and being an air-cooled VDub is the only qualification needed! Unlike most air-cooled publications, daily drivers and projects are always welcome!

Remember this site depends on YOU and other VW Enthusiasts to make it work. So if you enjoy AllAirCooled click here to have your VW featured!


The Latest Addition to the Gallery!

We need more VW's like yours for the Gallery! We are looking for pictures of Bus's, Ghia's, Thing's, Kit's, Rails, Trike's, Beetle's, Buggy's, Type 3's, 4's, and other unusual Volkswagens.

No VW will be refused!! Daily driver to weekend project - we want them all! To have your VW added to the
Gallery send your pictures and paragraph about your VW to contact@allaircooled.com

To Feature your Volkswagen all we would need is five or six great photos including front, rear, interior, engine and some 3/4 shots. Put together it's story along with how you got into VWs, the restoration process, things you plan to do, etc. and send that off to us. The more you write the more pictures we can insert into your feature. Remember there are only four features per year so send your pictures and article about your VW to contact@allaircooled.com

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AllAirCooled Feature VW!

Our latest Feature is a project that is still under construction. Owner Daryl says, "So the Super is in my garage and is a work in progress. I'm taking everything apart, one piece at a time and my neighbor decides he wants to hang out and help, ok sure, I can use another hand occasionally. We take off the hood and start cleaning out the bonnet area, more trash, bugs, frayed wires, you know the drill." Click here to read - Just For Fun>>

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