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April's Feature VW is a sweet little 1500cc Standard Beetle with a lot of style! Proud owner Christopher writes, "This is my 1970 1500 Beetle. I use it as a daily driver and it has been absolutely faultless. I had always wanted a Beetle since I was young. My dad had three of them and my uncle had one Beetle and currently has a Bay Window Camper. I picked this up as my very first car and I have been loving air-cooled life ever since! Great fun to drive, it turns heads and never fails me! Adjustable front beam and lowering shocks all around with some Sprint Star wheels! I've added a few little accessories here and there like a roof rack and bamboo shelf under dash. " Click to read - Beetle with Zoom! >>

JBugs is back with a brand new project. In these next set of videos they will be focusing on the front end of a 1963 Resto Custom VW Beetle. Follow along with VW restoration expert Dan as he walks you through how to remove the front link pin beam. "This is the first step to lowering, narrowing and adding more stopping power to your Beetles front end."
Click to watch - 1963 Resto Custom Beetle Restoration Series>>

This month VolksWoman writes, "There are three men in my life: my husband, Rob, my first born, Vernon (my '59 single cab), and then there is Bogart, the baby of the family. Bogie is my 1969 VW Bug. Rob knows I love him. Bogart knows I depend on him. Vernon just knows that he is about as close to human as one can get and still be a Volkswagen. After beginning his restoration, he is almost completed. I took one of the last big steps left and had him upholstered in last October. Yes, he is now stitched. He wasn't really that bad in there, not really. He still had the old brown vinyl seats. He still sported the mahogany door panels and kick panels my dad had installed almost 20 years before. The original door handles, steering wheel, gearshift and knob, and interior light were still in place. Not bad when you consider what Vern had been through on the OUTSIDE." Click to read - A Stitch in time saves a '59 >>


We are looking for air-cooled VWs to be featured in 2018. Winter is still here so that gives you lots of time to have your air-cooled VW featured right here! So take some great pictures and get started writing the story of your VW today!

Contact us with a picture and a few words about your VW and let us know that you'd like to have it featured. All we need is a few great pictures and the story of your VW and we'll post it in our world famous Feature VW section. Only twelve features per year are accepted, so hurry!

Your VDub doesn't have to be a show car or in mint condition to get in. We love all VW's, and being an air-cooled VDub is the only qualification! Unlike most air-cooled publications and other sites, daily drivers and projects are always welcome. No air-cooled has ever been turned down!

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No VW will be refused!! Daily driver to weekend project - we want them all! To have your VW added to the
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To Feature your Volkswagen we would need is five or six great photos including front, rear, interior, engine and some 3/4 shots. Put together it's story along with how you got into VWs, the restoration process, things you plan to do, etc. and send that off to us. The more you write the more pictures we can insert into your feature. Remember there are only twelve features per year so send your pictures and article about your VW to allaircooled (at) icloud.com!

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What's worse than rain clouds after you've just hand washed and waxed your Volkswagen? How about a flock of Canada Geese? There's over FORTY more of these VW Inspired Cartoons and art at AllAirCooled in the Dubtoons section of the site. Images by Dan that we can admire, laugh at and in some cases identify with. From Beetles to Ghias, Buses to Type 3's and 4's and everything in between. Sit back, click and enjoy! Click to Check out the VW Cartoons & Art >>


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