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It all started in 2012 when I was 16 years old. I had just finished secondary school and I had achieved good grades. My family was never into Volkswagen or classic cars but I just had to have an iconic car as the Beetle and my father was willing to buy me one. After viewing a lot of different beetles from projects to restored ones, I managed to find a 1962 Deluxe Beetle in Light blue in February of 2013 for a reasonable price.

The car was not perfect but it was a runner and could be enjoyed as it sat. Eventually we bought the car, though after sometime I sold it again as it had some rust issues which I didn't want to deal with.

The hunt was on again and at a local jewelry shop we got to know of a Beetle which had been sitting in a garage since at least 1996. My father and I went to view the car and bought it straight away in December 2013. The car was super neat, 1 owner, matching numbers pan, body and engine. It just had been sitting there for a bit less than 20 years. We took the car to a friend's garage, were he serviced the brakes and engine, and got it running.

I gave the car a very good clean up, new tyres and I started to enjoy the car as is. After sometime I pulled the motor out of the car just to learn how to do it. I also decided to return to a 6 volt electrical system to have it the original way. Eventually I noticed that a standard look was not my type. I chose to add my touch to the car.

I fitted dropped spindles, an adjustable and narrowed beam. Dropped the rear 1 inner spline, and fitted banded wheels. I also added some period accessories which include rear venetian blinds, hooded swan neck mirrors, NOS breezies, and white wall gaiters of course. Changed the front turn signal lenses from amber to clear and also replaced the front emblem with one I purchased from the meet in Hessisch Oldendorf. Just now I installed a zoom tube.

The car has been sprayed sometime in the 1980s but everything else is the original to the car. Originally the car was still red in colour. I try to use the car when I'm free and the weather is permitting. I met a lot of great people who are into VW here in Malta which nowadays I call friends. I love my car and I love VW enough that I also bought myself a Thing. It's a military spec 1970 Type 181. I believe I'm not finished with VW, as now I'm on the hunt for a classic Cabrio Beetle or anything that's neat and is up for sale.

Joram Grech

Feature VW

Feature VW
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