April's Feature VW

Beetle with Zoom!

I got into Beetles because of my dad and uncle. I lived in Germany for the first three years of my life and at that time my dad owned three Beetles and my uncle had a Bay Window Camper. Since that time I've always been a fan of the classic air-cooled Beetle. I found my 1970 Standard 1500 Beetle through the forums and paid £3000 for it. This is as my first car and it's great fun to drive, turns heads, and never fails me!

It's a solid Beetle with a zoom tube and has had lots of engine, electrical and all the structural work that normally becomes common done to it. That was what attracted me most as I use it as my daily driver. I have started modifying my VW and putting my own stamp on it. I have fitted sloped wings and US spec lights and will be fitting wide fender arches and getting it painted black. I've fitted fully discrete Alpine speakers and tweeters into kick panels, a glove box mounted Alpine head unit with a twin JBL sub woofer.

I've also got a set of Center Lines to go on it. The Empi 8 spokes are for the time being as I had an altercation with a pot hole which resulted in one of my Sprintstars splitting in half. I'm currently claiming the damage from of the city council. It has an adjustable front beam and I've added a few little accessories here and there like a roof rack and a bamboo shelf under dash.

Long term plans include a full air ride set up and engine swap to a Type 4 or Subaru. I've been to only a couple of local events as I'm new to the scene but plan on attending White Noise and Bug Jam and a few other local events this year. Hopefully I'll be able to attend Freddyfiles Ninove in Belgium and VolksWorld next year!

Kieran Westwood

Feature VW

Feature VW
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