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Larry's 1967 Pop up Bus

This VW Bus I got for around $200.00 probably back in 1987 or so and it came with a bunch of extra parts (those WERE the days huh?). I'm can't remember the year, but I'll guess it to be a 1967 or 68 pop up. The interior and top were in decent condition, but the bus was about 6 inches taller when I bought it than it now looks in the picture because it was rusted out all the way around the bottom. My dad owns a sheet metal shop so I welded new metal in all the way around and painted it PINK. A local radio station had a contest, they were looking for the most creative way to display their call letters so I lettered (temp) the bus, but I came in 2nd to someone who carved it into their bushes :P The motor was a stock 1600 with chrome Monza wheels. IT sure got a lot of looks! As with any of these VW's, If any of you know the whereabouts of them, let me know.

Larry Shuck

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