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I built the chassis from 2 Bugs. A '63 that had been rear ended and a '65 that had been front ended. 14 1/2 inches removed to shorten the pan, then welded and reinforced. Since grounding is such an issue on these glass bodied Buggies, I installed most electrics with grounds welded to the chassis before installing the body. Once the body was on, 4 coats of black acrylic enamel was squirted on, the rollbar and top was next along with seat belts to keep my kids from flying out wnen off roading. The rear tires were L60 14's, in front g60 14's, all 4 on Cragar slotted mags. The engine was a 1968cc with a single 44 IDF Weber setup, for crusin' and off road. For the track I built and ran a 2180cc mill, but since I don't do trannys, I bought a tranny from Honolulu and ran pretty consistent high 11's and low 12's in the quarter mile. The Buggy was very well known on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I lived and ran a VW shop, but this was back in the early 70's and this is the only picture I have left of it. The others were destroyed by my first wife before she left me. I sold the Buggy in '77, for financial reasons, bought a '67 Bug, sold that in February of '80 and moved to Seattle. After 8 years in Seattle, and a few more VW's, I moved back to Hawaii. First car buy, a '71 Squareback, then a '78 Rabbit, next was a '78 Rabbit diesel, then an '81 Audi 4000, 5 cyl. 2 door, next up my '85 GTI, and now my '73 Bug. Does all of that make me a VW addict?


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