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The story of MY72BUG, my 1972 model 1302 'Vert, goes back to the summer of 1999 when I saw it for sale " for restoration or parts " for $1000 CDN in our local newspaper. I had always wanted an antique car and figured that this would get me in for a reasonable price. I visited the garage where it was stored and found a car which had fallen on very hard times. The original fenders were all gone as were many other parts.

From June '99 to Nov. ' 99 I did all of the electrical and mechanical work needed to make the old bug run. At the time of purchase, the engine would turn over but wouldn't run. The crankcase was full of gas. The aftermarket radio worked. Nothing and I do mean nothing else worked. I sorted out all of the wiring atrocities and with the help of two great VW men, Joe Steffler of Erbsville and Ernie Abel of rural Wiarton, Ont., began to assemble the legions of missing bits and pieces. Over the winter, I found a very capable local body shop man who slowly started the body work portion of the program. The rust you could see was bad; the hidden rust was worse. New heater channels, floor pans, bumper supports, spare tire well, and multiple wheel well repair panels were purchased.

The spring and summer came and went. Steady progress but still a pretty slow pace. March ' 03 saw her roll out in primer. I didn't like the yellow it had been painted ( it was originally orange ) and chose 1988 VW / Audi Toronado Red. April the car was home. By June it was finally assembled in my garage and on the road. I have put nearly 3000 miles on it in three Canadian summers of top-down Buggin'. This past winter saw all new two-tone upholstery from TMI, new carpeting, door panels and a different set of wheels done up in the same red. The bug draws plenty of favorable commentary from the locals and the better half ? She is the only thing better looking than the car, and truth be told, she does enjoy the open road in our VW. Next project, a Transporter unless a Ghia finds me first. Happy VW'ing world.

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