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Ian's 1966 Beetle

A usual afternoon bored at work lead to the usual biding things you don't need on eBay! Just finishing off a white standard Beetle 1500 I was looking for a new project as you do! So up came a empty '66' shell in need of everything. Most bits I was thinking I had, engine and wheels etc. A modest bid of £400 went in kind of hoping that I didn't win it? (the fun of the auction was enough for a weekday afternoon!) well the week went on, no one else bid and the shell was mine! I had the happy news of telling the Mrs. that I had bought another car and needed to go and pick it up with a transporter! (even more money). Well I decided to take a recon mission to find out where it was and give the guy whose car it was the money. Well 150 miles later I found the house and discovered the true reality of what I had blindly bought. I took the Mrs. with me (big mistake) why hasn't it got anything? why is it all in pieces, why why why! To be honest with myself I was a bit shocked about the amount of work I was taking on myself!

A transporter was organized and paid to pick the shell up and delivered to my work address, so I could guarantee me being around. Shocked work mates looked at pointed as I unloaded a "dead" car into works car park! Needless to say I needed to move it! so its Saturday afternoon I have an empty shell and no wheels or seats but I gotta get it home before Monday morning before the 'Guvna it! So instead of the usual clubbing and pubbing on a Saturday night it was get every thing together and hit the spanners. By Sunday midday it was ready to be towed home. I called the Mrs. to come up and give us a tow! (she'd never done it before) so she turned up I hooked up the tow rope and the heavens opened! great, Well I had to get it gone. So we started on our journey, really just a straight road between work and home but 13 miles! what could go wrong?! Apart from having no wipers as no electrics, going fine, the Mrs. quite happy to do 60MPH towing and my arse doing the 5p 50p thing with a box to sit on, no seat-belts. Its time to try and slow her down. I touch the brakes, worst thing happens, instead of slowing me it locks the passenger front wheel and sends me bumping up and down and all across the dual carriage way but as she thought oh he's trying to get my attention to go faster off she goes.

Needless to say my heart is in my mouth and I'm praying for something to get her attention to stop. Well we did stop just under the motor way bridge and I ended up having to remove the front brakes to get her home. 3 years of searching eBay for everything from seats, interior, engine parts, and other goodies, every spare weekend or day off was spent putting it all together. Many drives up and down the country for those rare parts that you just cant get your hands on easily. It has seemed to take for ever and I still haven't totally finished. Needs painting. And I would love another set of wheels, maybe those 18" in the picture? I have just got back from Bug Jam, Europe's biggest VW festival.

I got loads of looks And It drove like a dream on Its maiden long voyage. I couldn't be happier. Just need a cash injection now to finish the little beauty off! Any feed back from other members would be great. I know every one with a VW has a story behind there car!

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