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My 1300 Beetle

After some searching on the Internet and local magazines, I found this 1300 Beetle. The owner had invoices for about 7000€, so that would be $9135USD. The engine and braking system were completely revised and my parents also thought that it was a very good car, so a few days later, the deal was made, and I had another car.As daily car, I own a tuned VW Golf Mk. III, and the Beetle is just for the weekends or when I drive around in the neighborhood to go shopping. Until now, I didn't have had any serious problems with it. Just some problems with the wiring, but that was fairly easy done because the wiring diagrams at are very simple and in the right colours. The headlights were also replaced by H4's with Xenon-look lightbulbs, and they're even better at night than those of my Mk III. Unfortunately, It's illegal to drive with an old-timer at night, here in Belgium. Because of the age of the car, and the type of insurance, you can only ride from dawn till dusk. The mileage is also limited to a range of 25km's from the place where it's stalled, unless you go to meetings or cruises. There isn't much at the car that has to be changed, except for some paint work on the fenders from parking-accidents and front disk brakes that still have to be installed. In 2 months I'm going to move in with my girlfriend, and the car already has it's place, right in our garage. That's the only thing I wanted for the Beetle, now that it's a decent and expensive one.

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